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Innovation through impact investing


We take pride in adopting a high-principled investment approach to our trading and business activities and intentionally seek both a superior financial return as well as a measurable social impact. Our group partners have access to decades of financial and operational experience and with a powerful network of international relationships, we operate globally across multiple sectors, often in partnership with leading experts in their field, and pursue the highest standards of excellence while aligning our interests with those of our investment and trading partners.


By partnering with our group you benefit not only from the breadth and expertise of our insight into global macro dynamics and geopolitical trends that are rapidly reshaping the global economic landscape, but may also participate in investments that are commercially sustainable and profitable. Our investment decisions are driven by an innovative approach and an entrepreneurial spirit, but are underpinned by thorough analysis and always with a sense of duty and respect, which are at the heart of our ethical values.

Areas in which we are active include:

Shipping & Chartering


Transportation of dry and wet freights across the globe under long term structured transactions, to which we applying our risk management, financial and investment expertise.



Primarily oil and gas trading and its exploration and exploitation, but also other natural resources. Negotiating direct off-take agreements with producers and refiners.

Infrastructure Development


Includes the development, finance and implementation of highly viable green related energy projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

These projects are generally initiated as the result of requests by government or government agencies (eg: European Commission, EIB, EIF) or local authorities.

PE Multi Asset Management


Strategic architecture multi asset solutions.

Objective-driven investing.

Strategic asset allocation

Commercial,residential and leisure development.

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